My name is Roger Harris and I have been a Doctor Who fan all of my life.

I would have loved to have met William Hartnell, but sadly I never did. He died three days before my tenth birthday. However, I did get to meet his widow, Mrs. Heather Hartnell.

I went to my very first Doctor Who convention on the 1st and 2nd August 1981 at Imperial College, London.

Mrs. Heather Hartnell was in attendance on one of those days. I cannot recall which one now.

She was in the audience and stood up when she was introduced by one of the presenters. She was sitting about four rows in front of me. I made a mental note of where she was and when the convention finished I went to get her to sign my Doctor Who scrapbook - which she duly did.

Mrs. Hartnell then asked me if I wanted 'Doctor Who's' grandson to sign my scrapbook. She was with a guy of about 30, her grandson, who seemed most embarrassed when she said this. I didn't really want his autograph but it was easier to say "yeah, OK" rather than decline.

Here is a scan of that scrapbook showing both Heather Hartnell's autograph and that of Paul Carney (who is the brother of Judith Carney - stagename Jessica Carney - who wrote a biography of William Hartnell called "Who's there?")